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Professional indemnity insurance

Utilising our Compli services can pay dividends when it comes to professional indemnity insurance renewal as clients are able to demonstrate to insurers that they are serious about claims reduction and compliance. We can also assist you in completing renewal forms and representing your business to insurers.

The Compli team offers a range of consultancy services to insurers and brokers designed to provide insight and analysis during the course of the underwriting process or where other specific concerns arise.


Compli offers bespoke pre-inception and renewal audits focusing on structural, regulatory, and financial issues. We work with firms throughout the risk assessment process to review the risk management approach and test the proposal form submissions.

Where insurers have concerns, for example, about the numbers and profile of claims, we can conduct a full scale or focused audit to identify systemic or other failures produce an action plan to address these issues.

Data management/management information

Our MI reporting suite can be used for both internal and external purposes, enabling you to report in a transparent fashion and provide valuable insights into the risks and costs the business faces. The reports may also satisfy the regulator and professional indemnity insurers about systems and procedures and the firm’s attitude to risk.

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