In-house lawyers

Until recently, in-house lawyers rarely appeared on the SRA’s radar, having enjoyed certain exemptions from the SRA Handbook.

However, the in-house sector is now facing new challenges in this increasingly competitive environment, notably the inception of alternative business structures (ABSs) which is allowing some in-house departments to reassess their business model and consider diversification. In addition, there are still strict rules about how in-house lawyers may operate. With a review of the sector currently being undertaken by the SRA, now is the time to make sure that appropriate systems and strategies are in place to deal with the changes.

Compli provides a range of training and advice as part of a fixed price package designed to equip in-house lawyers with the knowledge, skills and tools required to operate in a compliant manner and reduce risk. We can assist by navigating a way through the relevant parts of the SRA Handbook and in particular the Practice Framework Rules, providing practical guidance and tools to facilitate the development of appropriate structures and procedures within which to operate. Many of the specific rules relating to in-house lawyers are subject to review by the SRA so a watching brief will be required.

Please see the list below for an overview of our core service offerings.

  • ABS advice and assistance

    For in-house teams considering an application to become an ABS but are unsure of where to start, we can explain the various structural permutations permitted by the SRA and coordinate both with colleagues in our corporate team and accountants within the applicant’s organisation to ensure that the proposed model is both compliant and tax-efficient.

  • Bespoke compliance advice

    We offer a comprehensive and bespoke compliance advice service for in-house teams facing increased scrutiny from the SRA, helping to ensure they are fully compliant with the SRA Handbook, particularly the Code of Conduct and Practice Framework Rules.

  • Lexcel consultancy

    The Lexcel standard has been revised and there is a variant of version 6 which has been designed specifically for in-house practices. A coveted quality mark, Lexcel provides a foundation for converting your practice into a efficient business by applying principles of sound financial and risk management. Our authorised Lexcel consultants can guide you to accreditation and also ensure that your practice remains compliant with and aware of any changes to the standard.

  • Risk and compliance monitoring assistance

    Risk and compliance monitoring can be a stressful and time-consuming task for in-house teams struggling to ensure they remain on the right side of the regulator. Through our compliance and risk management healthcheck, we will identify any actual or potential regulatory issues or failings and work with in-house teams to devise solutions. We will identify risks that are causing or could lead to claims and complaints.

  • SRA Handbook compliance training

    Our consultants deliver expert training programmes to ensure teams are fully aware of their regulatory and compliance requirements in line with the SRA Handbook, in particular the Practice Framework Rules.

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