Additional services

Compli is a bespoke risk management consultancy service which includes outsourced risk management and claims and complaints-handling solutions for lawyers.

In addition to our core services, we also offer firm advice and assistance when dealing with other issues. Please see our range of additional service offerings listed below.

  • Regulatory representation

    Where a firm or its partners or members are being investigated by the SRA and are the subject of disciplinary proceedings or face the imposition of regulatory sanctions or controls, we provide specialist, objective advice and representation during the investigation and tribunal process, including representation before the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

  • Business structure

    We can review the structure and configuration of businesses and identify whether an alternative structure would deliver increased profitability and long-term viability. We advise and guide firms through the myriad of options, to help them reach their optimal business structure to survive, compete and thrive in this fast-changing business arena.

  • Financial health

    Our team can undertake a financial audit identifying breaches of the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules and highlight areas where checks or systems are inadequate. Our approach provides a specific and real-time examination of the operation of relevant controls within firms, both financial and regulatory, and an early warning of potential issues due to the current claim environment.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Our team has significant experience in dealing with mergers and acquisitions in the legal services sector, together with all related issues such as successor practice and insurance matters.

  • Administration/ orderly wind down

    If your business is in difficulty we can advise upon the options available and deal with an orderly wind down and closure of the business.

  • Data security and cyber advice

    Mitigating risk is crucial to ensuring the smooth and efficient running of any organisation. In an environment where data is particularly sensitive and confidentiality is a primary concern at all times, it is important to have appropriate systems and procedures in place to deal with the consequences of a data breach or cyber attack. We offer advice on insurance arrangements and the implementation of systems and procedures which will help reduce your exposure to cyber and data breach risks which could result in significant exposure in terms of civil liability and heavy fines from the information security regulators.

  • Legal costs solutions

    Our costs consultancy team delivers practical strategic and technical advice to ensure you comply with all your retainer and client care obligations. In addition our comprehensive service can handle all your transactional costs issues including challenging opponents’ costs and dealing with your costs budgeting and recovery requirements. We also offer a costs audit function and an implant facility where we become one of your team.

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